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Vented Line Blinds - Simply safe!

Task and solution!

After setting blind washers, the pipeline frequently vented with a relief of the flange connections. This poses dangers for humans and environment. When handling hazardous substances must have appropriate openings and nozzles in be introduced into the pipeline. This depending on the pipe classification, welded joints can be created and checked with more or less effort.

The FiltoTec S blind has an integrated lockable bore and thus ensures a safe and easy draining and venting of piping without drilling and welding. The intermediate clamp design enables problem-free handling.

Function and possibilities?

The pipeline can be vented or emptied in a targeted manner through the integrated bore with the external shut-off valve. Escaping medium can be diverted or collected without endangering the environment or employees.

The FiltoTec S blind washer is available for DIN and
ASME flanges. It is made of different materials
and available with a large number of connection variants, also as a spectacle blind.
Different sealing systems can be considered. Versions according to DGRL 2014/68/EU, AD-2000 or TA-Luft are possible.

Your benefits!

The advantages of the FiltoTec S blind are the problem-free handling of dangerous media and the simple installation without processing the pipeline. The portable disc can be used flexibly in different places. Due to the wide range of options for material and connection variants, the topic of draining and venting pipelines can be handled for almost any medium.

Work, health and safety policy issues can be resolved without compromise.


WSt.Nr. 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4541, ASME 304, ASME 316


turned sealing surfaces: smooth / RF, tongue / groove, RTJ

sizes and pressure DIN or ASME

DN10-500 PN6 - PN63

NPS1/2 - NPS24 Class150 - Class900